Our residents’ perspective

We’re proud and enthusiastic about all The Village at Augsburg has to offer, but don’t take our word for it. Read what some of our residents have to say:

Helen Reynolds, Independent Living
“Kindness. Attention to detail. Problem solvers. Terrific staff. These are some of the words that come to mind to describe The Village at Augsburg. There are many programs that are offered here that keep me busy. For example, I am part of a political group that meets to debate contemporary issues. I also go to an exercise class that has taught me plenty of relaxation techniques that I can even do on my own. The food is absolutely delicious and beautiful. I love cooking so I know what goes into preparing food, and the staff here does a fantastic job with the meals. I particularly enjoy the crab feasts and pizza parties.”

Dottie Stubbs, Assisted Living
“This is how home feels. When I moved here, it was following my husband’s death and I was feeling down. Augsburg is so pleasant, that I immediately began to feel better. And I attribute that to the people that care for me – they make sure that I am comfortable. I truly believe that Augsburg found me, not the other way around.”

Thelma Lewis, Assisted Living
“The staff at Augsburg are very attentive, and my problems are always fixed. For example, after the snow storm, you would not have even known there was a storm, they cleaned it up so fast. What more could I ask for? There’s nothing left for me to do but have a good time! I tell everyone I’m already in Heaven!”

Clara English, Home
“I used to fall a lot at home, but the staff at Augsburg showed me how to use the proper equipment to keep me from falling. And they watch over me to make sure that I stay safe. The staff is friendly and funny, and we laugh together; I love that. It’s like my house, like I’ve been here all the time. I know all the people here. I’ve learned so many things here-I want to stay here.”

Clarence Young, Independent Living
“Going from a 4 bedroom house to an apartment was a hard adjustment, but at Augsburg the service is excellent. For example, just the other day I lost my gloves outside, and a day later they were sitting on my table! If people see me carrying packages, they run over and help. This has become an ideal situation that I never thought I would adjust to.”

Betty and Charles Treuting, Independent Living
“The Village at Augsburg is close to where we lived prior to moving here, so we are familiar with this area. That is important to us, as we still have 2 cars and get out quite a bit. And the free on-campus parking is really appreciated! We are very active in the various groups and activities at Augsburg, like working in the wood shop or sewing quilts for Lutheran World Services to distribute to those in need. We are both frequent game room visitors, and participate on the Wii Bowling Team.”

Doris Taylor, Home
“I love it here – they take good care of me. It’s close to home, clean, and they give me lots of food. There are activities, like arts & crafts, which I like. The staff is nice and is dedicated. I was a nurse’s aide in the 1950’s so I can appreciate the hard work that goes into caring for elderly people.”