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Unbeatable retirement community in Baltimore, Maryland

Retirement is a time of freedom — the freedom from worry, the freedom to pursue interests and hobbies, and the freedom to be yourself. The maintenance-free and worry-free lifestyle at The Village of Augsburg is here to support you in your retirement. Our friendly team works hard to keep a full calendar of activities, from game nights and happy hours to exercise classes and arts and crafts workshops. The end result is that you are free to participate in the activities you are most interested in, or you can simply enjoy the privacy of your own residence, the quiet campus or the sun-drenched common areas. Whatever you fancy, we are here for you.

A place that feels like home

Baltimore is an active, vibrant, exciting American city, but what makes it such a great place to live is its contrasts — old and new, creative and classic, activity and reflection. If you are searching for Baltimore retirement communities, The Village at Augsburg should be at the top of your list. We are just a short drive from some of the city’s world-class arts, sports, entertainment, and cultural attractions, but our community is a world unto itself — a tree-lined, 52-acre campus complete with shaded walking trails, beautiful gardens, wildlife, and plentiful courtyards and outdoor common spaces.

When you are here, you are able to step back and appreciate all the everyday joys life has to offer. Enjoy a coffee or tea with a friend, stay fit with our exercise programming, or putter around the putting green. We call our community a “village” because we capture the village life of days past, where neighbors get to know each other and there is always a seat at for you at happy hour. One visit to our newly renovated and amenity-filled Village Center, and you will discover what an inclusive place our community really is. A place that feels like home.

You never stop growing

Once you’re here, you’ll quickly settle into the retirement lifestyle you’ve always imagined. We take care of the interior and exterior maintenance, and there’s always something cooking in our restaurant-style dining room. This frees you up to reflect on your interests and practice new hobbies. You never stop growing, and we are here to help you embrace the possibilities and flourish in your retirement.