The heartwarming culture of home and family

At The Village at Augsburg, our Health Center is not a hospital or nursing institution where folks stay for a short time. It is a community where individuals come to live and continue enjoying their previous activities and interests. Many of our residents do require care, including some very essential and specialized support, but we believe that care should be provided in the most unobtrusive manner and in the least institutional environment as possible.

In 2009, we implemented a cultural shift to make this possible, altering our Health Center’s design, environment and approach to care. Our community is now the next best thing to home, and we care for our residents like family.

We’re proud to be one of few communities at the forefront of this critical move toward deinstitutionalizing skilled nursing for seniors, and will continue to make living here as close to home as possible.

Some of the key changes implemented include:

  • We divided our community into smaller, more intimate neighborhoods or “households” with 25 or fewer residents in each group.
  • Each household is set up just like home with private and semi-private bedrooms, kitchens, family rooms and dining rooms.
  • Private and common space makes it easy for family and friends to visit, as they are also considered part of the community.
  • Nursing stations, while still needed, have been tucked away from view.
  • Institutional and stressful noise has been eliminated to create a peaceful, quiet environment.
  • Residents help direct their own lives individually and collectively, and are encouraged to be active, contributing members of their community. Using learning circles, staff and residents work together to create a cultural and building environment that best fits their needs and desires.
  • We strengthened our focus on knowing our residents as individuals apart from their support needs. Staff members are paired with the same residents on a regular basis to help them get better acquainted with each other, to build trust and familiarity. Learning about personal interests and hobbies, staff are better able to encourage and support residents in continuing to do the things they enjoy.
  • We ensure residents have access to real world activities that are educational and life fulfilling in addition to entertaining.
  • We believe leadership is a characteristic, not a position. We encourage leadership among our staff at all levels and empower those who work here to do great things.

We invite you to experience this life-enhancing culture first hand.