Support. Transform. Enrich.



Support residents at The Village at Augsburg with a gift to the Resident Care Fund. Transform our community with a gift to Capital Projects. Enrich the lives of residents with long-term, sustainable funding through a gift to the Caroline Lang Endowment.

Resident Care Fund
Support the immediate needs of residents requiring financial assistance for their care at The Village at Augsburg.

Augsburg Capital Projects
Provide funding in support of capital (buildings, facilities, grounds, etc.) improvements on the Augsburg campus.

Caroline Lang Endowment Fund
Provide a long-term, sustainable source of funds for older adults at The Village at Augsburg who have run out of funds due to no fault of their own.

To learn more about how your donation can help and about unique giving options to create a custom plan to support The Village at Augsburg call the Philanthropy office at 443-471-0514.