Our Path Forward at The Village at Augsburg

Love Your Neighbor Pledge

As we establish plans to make our path forward with our phased re-opening of The Village at Augsburg, the risks increase for the possibility of the virus spreading to our community. Each of us has personal responsibility for keeping everyone safe, and we need to realize that our own behaviors can impact those with whom we work and serve. To show care and concern for each other, and to LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR, team members and residents are invited to pledge and commit to slowing the spread of COVID-19. Residents and team members are encouraged to consider your personal impact on our community and our ability to move forward through the established phases. We hope everyone will post the pledge in a visible place in your home as a reminder that your neighbors are counting on you to do your part in keeping everyone safe.

Outdoor Visitation for Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing

Please read these documents prior to scheduling a visit with your loved one

Outdoor Visitation Frequently Asked Questions

Sample Sign In Sheet

Schedule a Visit

Assisted Living Visits

Skilled Nursing Visits 


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