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skilled nursing

Skilled nursing in Baltimore, Maryland

Retirement is about lifestyle, but sometimes interruptions happen. Whether you are recovering from surgery, illness or injury, there’s nothing like being able to rehabilitate in your own home. That’s why we offer our Skilled Rehabilitation program — both for existing residents and older adults in the Baltimore area who are recovering from illness or surgery.

Rehabilitation all starts with our courteous and professional team who welcomes guests, visitors and family members into our care and anticipates their needs to create a supportive, healing environment. From there, your dedicated rehabilitation team will be by your side throughout your stay and guide you through the many aspects of recovery, including discharge planning, counseling and case management. At The Village at Augsburg, holistic rehabilitation includes both semi-private and private suites amid our shaded 52-acre campus, giving you the quiet respite you need to recover.

What’s more, individuals needing therapy for knee, hip and joint injuries or occupational, speech, physical and stroke rehabilitation are cared for by a compassionate and genuine team, creating a partnership for recovery. While our staff provides professional services, families often serve as cheerleaders for recovery; in fact, we encourage family members to stay involved in the treatment plan.

Skilled Nursing Services

The core of our skilled nursing program is in our team of professionals who are available around-the-clock for medical services such as:

  • Infusion/IV services
  • Bariatric care
  • Wound care
  • TPN (total parenteral nutrition)
  • Hospice services and palliative care
  • Respiratory care (Oxygen, nebulizer, CPAP)
  • Physical, occupational and speech therapy
  • Audiology, dentistry and podiatry
  • EKG and X-rays
  • Psychiatry and social services
  • Pharmacy and labs
  • Ostomy care
  • Pastoral care

Therapy Services



Gets you stronger, walking better, and increases your balance.

Physical therapy services include
support for:

  • Joint replacement or repairs
  • Stroke recovery
  • Heart problems
  • Sepsis
  • Pulmonary recovery


Helps you manage daily activities more easily, including: dressing, bathing, cooking and cleaning.

Occupational therapy may be needed if you have trouble:

  • Taking a shower or bath
  • Getting on and off the toilet
  • Cooking and cleaning
  • Dressing and undressing


If you have had a stroke in the past and continue to have trouble speaking or eating what you want.

Speech and language therapy may be needed if you:

  • Speak slowly
  • Experience difficulty finding the words you want to say
  • Have trouble swallowing food (including coughing after you drink)